Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Long time no see!

Hey, what's up party people.  So it seems my weekly updates ceased for about two months, but I'm gonna get back to a regular regiment now (seems ideal since the summer is ending, haha).  Anyway, my past couple months have mainly consisted of working on concept sketches of things, starting an animatic for my senior thesis, and just doodling.  I was also part of a collaborative workshop with some French students from EESI (animation project involving some EESI students and a bunch of UArts folk).  That turned out well enough and took up three weeks of my life.

Sad enough to say I don't have that much really to post despite being gone for so long.  Here's a little doodle I posted up on the Facebook a little while ago.  Just wanted to practice some foreshortening and textures.

Here's a digi-piece I started working on for a friend of mine, based off Mario Bandstand.  It's still a sketch, but I intend to clean up and color it sometime in the near future.
I was inspired slightly by Portal for this one... this one is also not finished, but figured it might be worth posting anyway.

Anyway, that's all for now.  Expect rough storyboards next week for my senior film.  Adieu!