Saturday, July 21, 2012

Illustrations and Layout Designs

Here are some examples of my layout/background design work.  These have been done and worked on over the course of this past year for various projects.  I'll continue to update this with new art as it comes to fruition.

Mithos Triumphant (Acropolis of Athens)

Mithos Under Artemis (Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia)

Meeting of Cornelia and Thaddeus

Lone Lady in the Station


Red Panda


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blog Hiatus, Art, and Graduation

Hello, bloggers and potential readers!  If you're reading this, congratulations!  That means I updated my blog in what appears to be almost a year.  I will get a legitimate website eventually, but for now this will suffice.  Either way, I've decided to update my blog with newer art and a fresher template.  I plan to update on a more regular basis, regardless of whether or not I have new art to post up.

Anywho, as for life updates, I'm now a college graduate.  I think that warrants some sort of noteworthy commencement, and who could ask for a better commencement speech than one from Neil Gaiman?

And here's a picture of myself with Neil Gaiman.  A tad blurry, but I got up, close and personal with one of the best writers of our times.

This is a light update.  Once I figure out how to reconfigure this site, I will post up some art.  By tonight or tomorrow, expect to see some work from the past year.  Take care all!