Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3D Modeling, some ideas

Hey it's Wednesday, so that means update!  Unfortunately, I don't have too much to update on.  I'm working on a 3D model of Espio right now, which I am hoping to have done by next week (at least modeling it; texturing will probably be the week after).

Here he is so far:

I also have been working out the script for my senior thesis.  I explained it before, but I plan on having that done by next week, as well as some rough boards for it.  I've been looking around for inspiration regarding medium.  I want to try my hand at some more toon shading, especially if I decide on doing 2D, flash based animation with CGI backgrounds.

Aside from that, not much else is going on.  It's been a bit of a slower week, as last week I was pulling together my reel.  I do have prototypes for a business card.

I have to put my email and such on to it, but that's what I want it to look like.

Well, I should have more to show next time.  Adios!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Demo Reel and other stuffs

Well, as I said I would, I put together my demo reel now.

 I will continue to make revisions to it, but here is my first completed demo reel.  Hopefully I will have a 3D modeling reel up in the future (once I have more work to show) but this is just so I can show others what i can do as far as character animation and techniques.

Also, I figured I'd post some still artwork here.  Here are some turnarounds of my character Monsieur Craux (a crocodilian waiter).

Original Design

Winsor McCay Style

1930s Rubberhose Style

 1950s UPA Style

1990s "Rocko's Modern Life" Style

That's all for now.  Still working on pre-production work for my senior thesis, and seeing what internships (if any) I can still apply to.  Otherwise I'll just be doing work on the side and personal stuff.